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Gearing Up for Greater Sales
(A Birding Business How to)

Thoughts to Grow On.
From a Christian Perspective

The Chronicle of Rendrag
Containing the Wisdom of the Fourth Happiness

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Personal Reflections
A pilgrim's Path
Way Back When
My Army Time at Kagnew Station 1954
My Experience with Boy Scouts of America
Including my notes on:
BSA in Asmara Eritrea,
Eritrean Boy Scouts,
The Order of the Arrow and
Pine Hill Scout Reservation

My Travels
  • Egypt, Holy Land - 1955 while in the Army
  • Japan - 2000
  • Bhutan - Spring 2001
  • Nepal and Bhutan - Fall 2001
  • Mayanmar (Burma) - 2002
  • Bangkok - During Himalayan Trips

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