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Evangelical Primary School
Boy Scout Troop
Asmara, Eritrea -1955

Regretfully I cannot find any photos of the Evangelical Primary School or of the Scout Troop. Perhaps some day when I am looking in some old boxes I'll come up with something. Or someone reading this will have some photos and mail them to me at

It's 2010 and I am just getting around to writing up the story of my role as Scoutmaster at the Evangelical Primary School in Asmara Eritrea in 1955. I'll try and remember some things.
  • I was Scoutmaster of Troop 1 at Kagnew Station in Asmara at the time.
  • I requested permission to start a Scout Troop at the Primary School. (I can't remember how or way this came about.) But I did request permission from the Army Commander. It was granted.
  • For some reason I needed an approval to be an Eritrean Scoutmaster. That approval was also granted
  • The Principal of the School needed permission from the Eritrean Scout Commissioner and he got that.
  • I do remember the Principal warned both me and the assistant Scout Master (Phil Bohr) to be very careful with what we taught as his students would believe 100% anything an American said or taught.
  • I also remember that when we would enter the room a the school all the students would stand up and greet us. They also would stand up when asked any question. It was very formal
  • We also had to submit a weekly Troop agenda, which we did.
I did not remain Scoutmaster for very long as in the middle of everything I was transferred back to Fort Dix in New Jersey. Phil Bohr took over.

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