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I was elected by my fellow campers from Troop 56, Brooklawn. NJ to the Order of the Arrow in 1950 at Pine Hill Scout Reservation in New Jersey. My future wife Trudy Shaw was there because It was visitor night. She recalls she was surprised and concerned wentBrotherhood Card 53-54. they came and took me from the campfire circle. I spent that summer evening undergoing the Ordeal Honor.

In 1953 I was Advanced to the Brotherhood honor.

About Lekau Lodge as described in the Program Book of the First Fellowship Conference of Area 2C in 1951

In the springtime of 1935, six members of our Council were inducted at Treasure Island by the Unami lodge, W. W. W. Those brothers formed a ritual-team and inducted at Camp Minitik during the summer camping season of 1935, thirty-six Scouts and Scouters thus forming the Lekau, Lodge.

LEKAU according to the language of the Lenni Lenape, means Sandpiper hence our Lodge Totem.

In 1936, our lodge sent delegates to the 11th National Meeting of the Order of the Arrow at Treasure Island the home of the Mother Lodge, Unami. It was here that three of our brothers were inducted into the Brotherhood Honor.

The following year, 51 members of the South Jersey Council who were a part of our Lodge, founded their own Council Camp and thus formed the Kon Kon Tu Lodge.

In 1943, the first of our brothers were inducted into the Vigil Honor.

Beginning with the year 1951, 707 members have been inducted in our Lodge. During these last fifteen years with most of them having seen service in the armed forces, we now have an active membership of 12 Vigil Honor men, 47 Brotherhood Honor men and 123 Ordeal Honor men.

Lekau Lodge prospers, but in a greater sense, it is each individual Unit that reaps from the Arrow program. The Arrow was not built merely for the benefit of its own organization, but so, that ultimately, every boy may have the opportunity of real Scouting. There is but one goal Tomorrows America. Tomorrows world must be better than that of today. Look to the boy and teach him. He who serves his fellow, is, of all his fellows, greatest.

Following are some patches I collected during the period 1948 thru the mid 50's. Many thanks to Randy Holden "The Jersey Trader" for identifying many of these patches.

X3A Circa 1952

Lekau Flap circa 1961

X1 Issued 1940's - very rare
In 2012 it was valued at $270.00 I heard at one time it went for over $500.

1952-NOAC Patch - 37th Anniversary Order of the Arrow 1952

Area 2c Conference 1951
I attended and have the Program Book

F1b Ajapeu Lodge 33 Bucks County PA. Predated National's approval of the OA to use the pocket flap. (RH)

Hunnikick Circia 1953
F3 Flap 76

Miquin Lodge 68, Watchung Area Council

R1 Minneapolis based lodge. I need a date when this patch was used.
Probably in the 1950s

Randy says this is the best piece in the collection.It is A2 from original spelling of Lodge 411 before National Office told the lodge to change the spelling of their name as it conflicted with a PA lodge.

My Lodge Guide
I have a second in my collection

Unami embroidered on twill base material circa 1952

Neckerchiefs in my collection from Order of the Arrow events:

N4b - Lekau #77

X12 - Unami

Conference hosted by Hunnikick #76

Hosted by Unilachtego #411

Hosted by Lekau #77

N3 Miquin Lodge #8

(4-20-2016)This is a work in progress. I appreciate any help ( can give. I am now 83 years old and need to get things in order (even though I plan on reaching 100)
For those who remember:

July 8, 1952. The flagpole and new flag were received at memorial ceremonies for R. Barry Green at Pine Hill Scout Camp. R. Barry Green, Eagle Scout, gave his life in the fighting in Korea. Left to right are Explorer John Gardner of Post 56; Theodore W. Hazzard, honors master of Lekau Lodge 77, Order of the Arrow; explorer James Giatto, of Post 93, and Meredith S. Dobbs, lodge chief Order of the Arrow.

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