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Troop 1
Asmara, Eritera

All of the various memorabilia I had regarding Troop 1 Asmara Eritera, I donated to the Boy Scouts of America Museum in 2009. It is under Accession Number 2009.014

After I was stationed at Kagnew Station in Asmara, Eritera for several months I requested permission to take over the Boy Scout Troop. The then existing Scoutmaster had transferred back to the States. Most probably, because I had been very active in the Boy Scouts at home, permission was granted and I and the assistant scoutmaster Phil Bhor ran the Scout Troop. We held weekly meetings and did all the various things Boy Scout Troops normally due.

I remained Scoutmaster until late 1955 when I was transferred back to Fort Dix.

Regretfully I cannot find any photographs of the Scout Troop or our activities during the time I was Scoutmaster. Maybe someday I'll find some or someone reading this will have some and send them to me. Meanwhile I will share what I have.


I was overjoyed to received an e-mail on Apil 16, 2010 which said: John, just to let you know the troop was still going in 1964. I was in it from 1961 till we left in 64. God I would love to find a couple of those patches some where. My mother donated my uniform to the local BSA Council museum here in NH. - Gary Gordon

Official Troop 1 Neckerchief

Sample of weekly Troop Agenda

NOTE: While in Asmara, I had the privilege of starting an "Eriteran Boy Scout Troop" at the Evangelical Primary School, in Asmara. (That story can be found here)

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